Chapter 1: My Story Begins

I began writing my account as a victim of involuntary testing with covert infrasonic and microwave (directed energy weapons) weapons about three years after the incidents began (about ten years ago). At first, I thought I was a target of a misguided law enforcement investigation. However, as time progressed the true motives behind this attack began to surface. There are many who will attack me for telling my story. They will question its veracity and my sanity. For those who do, I give an easy way out. They can view it as a work of fiction and nothing more. However, the reasonable, open mind may well see the truth in my account.

ONE EVENING the nightmare begins. Without warning, you realize that you are the target of a cruel, unending campaign of psychological battering and torture with through-the-wall surveillance / hi-tech microwave and acoustic based weapons. You are never spoken to, never accused of a crime. Yet, the abuse continues for years. You are battered with covert through-the-wall weapons from adjoining apartments or nearby homes while you sleep at night. A coordinated campaign of psychological attacks occurs during the day. Its purpose is to wear you down, forcing you to react in a way that results in incarceration, homelessness, being declared mentally ill, suicide or death. Their mission is to isolate and destroy you mentally and physically. They will not stop until that is accomplished. It is all done covertly so that you cannot seek justice nor provide evidence of your abuse. Individuals cooperating in this cruel campaign are planted among your neighbors, workmates, and even in your place of worship. They provide a barrage of humiliating encounters while seeking to destroy your reputation.

This government surveillance and harassment uses a bogus “criminal investigation” as a cover, both to destroy your reputation and as an excuse for constant surveillance. It’s true motive is the testing of covert untraceable through-the-wall weapons and psychological warfare. You are chosen as a victim of this testing without consent.

In this revealing account we read one victims story of justice perverted. It reveals how covert new torture technologies give government agencies the power to target persons through the walls of their homes when coupled with through-the-wall surveillance. Perhaps, most importantly, this is a story of unbreakable integrity, courage and restraint by a man of faith under attack.

Read the first installment of this gripping account of government testing of through-the-wall torture technology on innocent Americans!

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